A new home for the CSA

Welcome to the brand-new home of Double F Ranch Meat CSA! After so much blood, sweat, tears and many choice words, we have finally completed the new building to house everything CSA. It’s light and bright and such a delight.

When we started deliveries for our pastured Meat CSA back in 2010, it was housed in a few freezers in our basement/garage. As our CSA family has grown over the years, the freezers also replicated until they were poked in and around every outbuilding. It worked, but not very well and we started dreaming of a place for the CSA to call home. Well after 10 years our “startup” has finally graduated and moved out of the garage. We couldn’t be prouder.

It took a team of five working over two days to get all the freezers unloaded, moved and repacked. I hand-stacked over 3,000 pounds of meat, twice! But it also took months of tireless work to get to that point. Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered their time, labor and expertise along the way. We so appreciate the community spirit that defines our CSA.

Not only are we stoked about our new CSA building, the extra space means we can share the love and add even more members to our CSA family. To celebrate, we are offering $50 off new memberships (and a $50 credit for existing member referrals).

Let's Celebrate!.jpg