The Ranch

Situated in the high desert of Central Oregon, Double F Ranch has been farmed by the Forman family for over a hundred years. Homesteaded in 1902 by Frank M. Forman, today the ranch is managed by the 3rd and 4th generations of the Forman family. We are a prime example of a multi-generational family farm that is deeply rooted to the land and takes tremendous pride in our long-term stewardship of this place. Originally a dryland wheat farm, today our diversified ranch raises small grains and specialty crops, runs a herd of beef cattle and operates our Meat CSA.

Horse-drawn wheat harvest at Double F Ranch, 1920s



The idea for a Meat CSA grew out of our desire to raise better meat by focusing on a healthier diet for the animals. If you are what you eat, then what did your meat eat? Much of the commercial hog and chicken feed available today is a heavily processed product at the whims of the worldwide commodity market. By growing, grinding and mixing our own custom ration we are able to ensure that “quality in” will equal “quality out”. The resulting meat is richly flavored, nutrient-dense and tastes like real food.

We started the CSA in 2010 as a way to share the flavorful, healthy meats we raised for ourselves with a wider audience. Today we are grateful to the many households that partake in our harvest to put meat and eggs on their tables each and every month.


The Ranchers

The CSA is a collaborative effort of the entire family. Nathan and Katia act as the public faces of the CSA and make the monthly deliveries. Nathan and Lloyd manage the field work and animal husbandry tasks involved with the CSA while Katia runs everything behind the scenes. Chuck provides support in the field with raising hay and managing pastures. Our Portland drop location is hosted by Chuck, Shelley and Teresa. To say we do it alone would be flawed; the “Community Support” of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the foundation of our operation and we could not do it without our members, our friends and our family.




If you are what you eat, then what did your meat eat?