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We offer three payment plans: - Pay in full (full balance due in June/Dec) - Two payments (half due June/Dec, half due Sep/Mar) - Month to month (ongoing monthly payments until cancellation of membership in current or future season).
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I would like to become a member of the Double F Ranch Meat CSA and receive my share of the grass fed beef and lamb, pastured pork, pastured poultry and free range eggs provided during the CSA harvest season. I know that my farmers, Lloyd, Nathan and Katia, will do all in their power to provide me and my family with wholesome meat from happy, pasture raised animals. I have received a copy of the terms and conditions (below) and understand that I am purchasing a share in a herd of live animals and that there are inherent risks associated with farming and ranching that may impact the yield of the harvest and my share of the distribution. I am aware that joining the CSA requires a six month commitment. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility as a member to pick up (or make arrangements for) my share each month during the designated pickup time. I understand that the CSA works on a bag trade system and that I am responsible for returning my CSA totes each month and at the conclusion of my membership. I understand that I am responsible for prompt payment for my share and that there are a variety of payment options available. I understand that meat will not be released without payment.
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Double F Ranch Meat CSA

Terms and Conditions

How it works
The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model focuses on selling a product prior to production thereby ensuring a guaranteed market before going to all the time and effort to produce it (“sell, then raise” instead of “raise, then sell”). Purchasing a share in Double F Ranch Meat CSA means that the consumer buys a share of a herd of live animals which are then harvested and divided among the shareholders according to share size. Double F Ranch LLC acts as a herd manager by caring for the stock and coordinates processing, storage, transportation and delivery of the final meat product to the owner (shareholder).

Share costs
The cost for a full share (20lb/mo) is $1,050 per six month membership which averages out to $175/mo. A full share is designed for a family of four or couples that frequently prepare meals at home. Half shares (10lb/mo) are available for smaller households and cost $540 which averages out to $90/mo.

Share breakdown
A 10lb/mo share roughly equates to a six-month harvest distribution of 1/16th of a beef, 1/8th of a pork, three to six chickens and six dozen eggs. By weight this breaks down to approximately 10-15 lbs ground beef, 10-17 lbs beef, 12-18 lbs pork, 12-16 lbs chicken and 6 dozen eggs. Lamb shares include 1/4th of a lamb or 6-10 lbs with reduced quantities of beef, pork and chicken. However, all distributions are subject to variation based on the principles of shared risk, shared reward.


Payment options
Members are responsible for prompt payment of their share. As participation in the Meat CSA represents a financial commitment, we provide a variety of payment schedules ranging from pay in full to monthly payments. Available payment methods include: cash, check, billpay, debit or credit (Visa, MC and AMX). A 3% fee is included for all card payments to cover transaction processing charges. Meat will not be released without payment. We reserve the right to assess a fee of up to $25 or require future cash-only payments in the event of a bounced check.

Shared risk, shared reward
One of the most important tenants of a CSA system is that of shared risk and shared reward; a principle exemplified in the analogy of a belt – when times are lean, everyone tightens their belt but when time are good, everyone can let it out a notch. Since CSA memberships are based on the purchase of a share in a herd of live animals, there are a variety of outside factors that can influence the yield of meat come harvest time. These can include: weather, season, natural disaster, predation, illness, injury and
death. The most commonly experienced risk/reward for our members is related to egg production. Egg production drops in the winter months with fewer daylight hours. If there are not enough eggs to go around, cartons are packed with 10 or 11 eggs instead of the normal dozen. However in the summer months, eggs production soars and members share in the bounty.


Member responsibilities
Participation in the Double F Ranch Meat CSA requires a six-month commitment through the entire membership season from June to November or December through May. CSA shares are packed each month in reusable cotton totes. It is the member’s responsibility to bring the empty tote from the previous delivery to trade for a full bag each month. Members are responsible for arranging pickup of their share each month during the designated delivery time. Reminder emails are
sent out the Monday before delivery. Please notify Katia in advance if you will be unable to make the pickup.

Since members own the livestock, their feedback about how their meat is raised, processed and distributed is greatly encouraged. Member feedback helps guide management decisions here at the ranch and steers the future of the CSA.