What is a meat CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs allow members to purchase a "share" of a farmer or rancher's annual harvest. In our Meat CSA this means the pool of members own shares in the herd of live animals. When harvested, the meat is evenly distributed between members according to share size.

Over a six month season, a 10lb/mo share will receive roughly:

  • 1/16th of a beef

  • 1/8th of a pork

  • 1/4 of a lamb (lamb shares only)

  • 4-6 chickens

  • 6 dozen eggs

What type of Memberships are available?

We offer two share sizes: Half Share (10lb/month) and Full Share (20lb/mo). The half share is our most popular size and is well suited for a couple or a family that cooks 1-2 times per week. Full shares are better suited to families or households that cook at home most nights.

How long does a membership last?

A Meat CSA membership includes six months of deliveries. Summer/Fall season runs June through November and Winter/Spring season goes December to May. We do fill memberships mid-season on a pro-rated basis.

How do renewals work?

Current members are given preference for renewals and any open memberships are then offered first-come, first-serve to families on our waitlist.

When is the pickup?

PORTLAND Shares are delivered on the second Friday of every month to our NE Portland drop location on the corner of NE 22nd and Siskiyou Street. Pickup time is between 4:00 and 7:00 PM.


BEND Shares are delivered on the fourth Thursday of every month to our Bend drop location at the Bend Birth Center at 61533 Parrell Road. Pickup time is midday between 12:00 and 2:00 PM.


What if I Am Unable to Make a Pickup?

Members can arrange for a friend or family member to pick up their delivery. Alternately arrangements can be made to hold your share and receive a double pickup the following month.

How much does a Membership cost?

 Half share memberships (10lb/mo) are $9/lb or $540 for the six month season. Full share memberships (20lb/mo) are $8.75/lb or $1,050 for the six month season.

What Payment options do you offer?

We offer a variety of payment plans including: pay in full, two payments or month to month with the first and last month paid upfront. We accept cash, check, billpay, debit and credit cards (cards add ~3% to cover processing fees).

What is in the Share?

"Standard" shares are packed with a mixed variety of beef, pork and chicken. "Lamb" shares contain beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Each share contains 5-8 packages with a mix of ground meat, economy cuts, steak cuts and cured/sausage. Packages of steaks and chops contain two portions per package.

What about eggs?

Eggs are included with each share: one dozen for half shares, two dozen for full shares. Extra eggs are available for purchase at the monthly CSA delivery.

Can I choose what goes in my Share?

No. Our CSA model is designed to make full use of the entire animal by portioning out and distributing all the cuts of meat equally among the members.

Can i buy extra?

Yes. Each month we have a rotating variety of extras (steaks, chops, bacon, seasonal produce, flour) available for purchase. We also offer holiday meats - ham, prime rib, leg of lamb - seasonally by request.

What about Dietary restrictions?

We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information.

Can I just buy a whole beef or a side of pork?

Currently all of our meats are directed into the CSA and we do not sell sides of beef/pork.

What about marrow bones or offal?

Bones, offal (organ meats) and fat are not included in shares but are available a la carte or by request.

Do you sell more than just Meat?

Yes. We sell a variety of farm products including: eggs, homegrown flour and seasonal produce. We also sell farmstead soaps, yarn, raw wool and sheepskins.

IS the MEat Frozen?

Yes, shares arrive frozen solid and should not require further ice or coolers to transport home.

DO I need to bring anything to carry it home?

Shares are packed into cotton totes for easy transport. We work on a bag trade system so each month members exchange last month's empty bag for a full one.

How much Freezer space do I need?

 As a visual reference, 30lbs of stacked meat will fill a paper grocery sack clear to the top. Most members with 10lb shares do not require any extra freezer space beyond the capacity of a kitchen fridge/freezer.

What Breeds do you raise?

  • BEEF - Angus and Hereford

  • PORK - Berkshire with Large Black and Hampshire influences

  • LAMB - Dorper, Romeldale and Leicester crosses

  • CHICKEN - Cornish cross

  • EGGS - Mixed breed layer flock

What do the animals eat?

Our animals eat a diet biologically appropriate for their species. Cattle and sheep are herbivores and eat grass, hay and a mineral supplement. Pigs and chickens are omnivores. We mix a custom ration containing small grains (barley, oats, wheat) and peas we grow on farm. The ration is supplemented with flax, camelina, minerals, kelp and fish meal to provide a nutrient-dense diet. The pigs and chickens are also raised on pasture and forage on grasses, legumes, forbs, seeds, insects and whatever else they can catch. They also enjoy garden scraps and cull fruit from the homestead orchard.

Are you ORGANIC?

No. We utilize many organic practices in our operation and after careful consideration have chosen to forego the time and added expense of certification.

Do you use any hormones or antibiotics?

No, but realistically neither do any other direct-to-market producers. Synthetic growth hormones are only FDA approved for beef and sheep. This means that NO pork or poultry produced in the U.S. (conventional, organic or anywhere in between) contains hormones. Hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics are much more likely to be found in conventional feedlots than on small farms.

Do you butcher the meat Yourself?

No. We work with several excellent small-scale butchers and meat processors to ensure all our products meet consistent standards for quality.

MAY I visit the Ranch?

Certainly. We welcome visitors but as the ranch is so busy, we do ask that you make an appointment so that someone will be available to show you around.

What if I have more questions?

Great! Please contact us via the form below. We are always willing to make the time to ensure the CSA will be a good fit for everyone.

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