Speak your mind - Meat CSA contents survey results

Survey Says:

Double F Ranch Meat CSA is always growing and adapting based on the changing needs of our members. To see how we can better meet the needs of the families that rely on us to supply them with delicious, nutrient-dense proteins, we brought along the survey board to our Portland Meat CSA delivery and the results are in!

How does your CSA share size match your consumption? *

 Way too much (1 vote)

A little bit too much (7 votes)

The perfect size (7 votes)

Not quite enough (2 votes)

We run out a week or two before CSA delivery (0 votes)


How can we improve the contents of your share?

 There aren’t enough basics (like hamburger or eggs) (4 votes)

There are too many basics (hamburger, eggs) (1 vote)

I wish my favorite cuts were included more often (7 votes)

I wish there were more fast-cooking cuts (3 votes)

I wish there were more large cuts (cook once and eat multiple meals) (3 votes)

I wish there were only familiar cuts (0 votes)

I wish there were more prepared cuts (breakfast links, brats, hotdogs) (0 votes)


It is time for another CSA delivery. What is left in your freezer? *

 We ate all off the cuts in the last delivery (1 votes)

We have a few cuts from the previous delivery remaining (9 votes)

We have an increasing backlog of multiple cuts from several deliveries (5 votes)

We have a backlog of the same type of cut (i.e. hamburger) (3 votes)

We ate all the “good stuff” early in the month and are not interested in preparing the rest (0 votes)

We have a few cuts leftover that we don’t know how to prepare (0 votes)

Favorite cuts

Bacon (7 votes)

Pork Chops (6 votes)

Whole Chicken (4 votes)

Chicken Breast (3 votes)

Chicken Thighs (3 votes)

Roasts (3 votes)

TBone Steaks (2 votes)

Ground Pork (2 votes)

One vote each for the following: Ribeye Steak, New York Steak, Steaks, Pork Shoulder Roast, Pork Shoulder Steak, Lamb, Stirfry Strips, Lamb Stew, Sausage Links, Breakfast Sausage, Ground Meats, Ground Beef and Cuts Large/Special Enough for a Dinner Party.


Roasts (4 votes)

Ham/Ham Steak (3 votes)

Pre-spiced Sausage (2 votes)

Cube Steak (2 votes)

One vote each for the following: Ground Beef, Steaks, Pork Chops and Lamb Shanks

Survey summary

Favorite cuts included: bacon, pork chops and chicken (whole, breast and thighs). Members were not too fond of roasts, ham, pre-seasoned meats and cube steak. Members that stated their share was the “perfect size” expressed an interest in including more “favorites” and “larger cuts”. Members that said the share was ”a little too much” wanted more “basics” and “favorites”. Members with 20# shares wanted more fast-cooking cuts. All requests for larger cuts came from 10# shares.

How we intend to apply this feedback

The joy of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs is that the feedback loop is so short. We, the farmers, can instantly apply suggestions to improve the experience for our members. Here’s just a few ways we plan to incorporate this feedback:

We hear our members loud and clear that they love their bacon and pork chops! Who can blame them? Our pastured pork is unlike anything available at the grocery store. We are happy to raise and distribute more pork to support the needs of our members.

We know “the perfect share” is different for each of our members. So while we can’t please everyone, we can implement strategies to make sure everyone goes home happy. We intend to seed our “Swap and Trade” cooler with a greater variety of cuts at the start of CSA. This will give our members maximum flexibility to customize their shares.

Thanks to our Portland Meat CSA members for sharing their voices. We look forward to checking in again soon!